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25 February 2006

The Saturday Afternoon Post

Dear Blog Reader...

Wow... you're still here? I must say I'm surprised. Where has the time gone? A day... a week... a month... it goes by so quickly.

Now here I sit... I haven't blogged in forever... trying to figure out where to pick up things. Or should I just concede defeat to the blogging gods and let this die? I'm leaning toward the last option.

When I began this blog... I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. I just wanted a place to express my thoughts... and stay in touch with friends in other parts of the country. Recently though... as most readers are aware... my online journal has turned into a place for others to attack/"stalk"/ridicule me.

That saddens me for a couple of reasons. First... these people don't have the guts to leave a name. Second... this is a place for me to express my thoughts... and for my friends to chime in... like an online family reunion. I shouldn't have to deal with someone's childish crap on MY page. Don't like me? Start your own blog. But don't litter mine with your faceless hatred.

A nameless... faceless person... or people... have taken the joy out of something I truly love(d). For my true friends out there... I'm sorry. Maybe this page will be reinvented here... or in some other form.

I miss hearing from... and talking with all of you.

Before I go... if you've never heard of Leslie Feist or Sufjan Stephens... check them out.

For now... the windows are open... the rain is falling... and I shall play with my cats.


Blogger Joshua McKinney said...

Don't let him/her/it/them get you down. I hate it that some cruel people are giving you second thoughts. I personally like keeping up with you and happenings.

I will respect whatever decision make.

Take Care!


7:25 AM

Blogger beans said...

sometimes this outlet isn't enough... hope things bring you much peace.


9:19 AM

Blogger Cory™ said...

glad to see you're back.

do what you must...even if it's the end of the blog.

here's hoping it's for good.

4:00 AM

Anonymous AMNewsBoy said...

Whatever you decide to do, you KNOW you have a friend up here, no matter what.

(hug) I need to call you soon, B.

11:23 AM

Anonymous Justin said...

Kaos...what's up! I woke up this morning and found you in my bedroom!! Nice to see you haven't lost your morning edge on TV.

8:16 PM

Blogger The Sportslady said...

Cats? As in multiple cats?
I leave town and all Kaos breaks out!

8:23 AM

Blogger Usaha di Rumah said...

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