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15 January 2006

Time Goes By...

So, I was off Friday. Great, I thought. I can do all of that crap around the apartment that needs to be done. Did I do any of it? Hell - to - the - no. I slept for a big part of the day, ran a few errands, and sorted my closet. Progress? Yes... but not nearly the amount I should have accomplished.

I doubt this week will be any different. My birthday is Tuesday... so I'm sure time will be at a premium... with the celebratory nature of the week.

And just a note to all of my friends out there... thanks for sticking up for me during this recent "anonymous" deal. I don't blog in forever... yet you guys and gals still look out for me. That's love :)



Blogger The Sportslady said...

Of course, if you need to get away from your stalker... or if you just want a sunny place to spend your Birthday... our Lanai is always open. You just have to share it with Zoe.

10:08 PM

Blogger beans said...

ooo... birthday!
know i'll be having a drink for you.
you should have many.

8:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People are fake, Kaos.

Like you.

Like your crowd.

Track it, who really cares? I don't.

11:29 AM

Anonymous steve wilson said...

Then, uh, why don't you, uh, STOP FUCKING POSTING HERE.

7:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be honest with yourself, "Steve"...

You and I both know you're the type of person that would only speak that way through the internet.

In "real" life, you would just be passive. Knowing that you would be, "Just another victim!"

Watch your tone, "Big Boy"

8:53 PM

Anonymous steve wilson said...

I'm already a victim -- a victim of having to read your puke. But I'm done with this bantering back and forth. Somehow, I think this is exactly what you want -- attention that you obviously lack in more important areas.

And, come to Michigan. I'll show your sorry ass how I'd tell you all of this to your face. Buh bye now, asswipe.

10:39 PM

Blogger Richard said...

+++ I don't blog in forever... yet you guys and gals still look out for me. That's love :) +++

Either that, or we're really bored. :--O

12:54 AM

Blogger Cory™ said...

Happy Anniversary of your life, Kaos!

I'm toasting a LaBatt to you, my friend...

Damnit, Baldinger!!

5:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...Enjoy it! Have fun, Drink lots.......

7:29 AM

Anonymous AMNewsBoy said...

Happy birthday, B... I raise my glass to ya this mornin'. (Don't ask why I'm drinking at 8:30am.)

9:31 AM

Blogger Joshua McKinney said...

We wish you all the best on your birthday B! Have a good one...

G & J

11:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blaine
Love ya!!!
Jennifer H

6:22 PM

Blogger Kel Kel said...

Hey! Hope you had a great birthday. I'm trying to catch up on everything... sorry to hear about your stalker person. Takes a sick person to mess with people like that. Hope everything works out well.

11:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friendship, n: Intimacy resting on mutual esteem; kindness; aid

If it's "cocked", pull IT!

8:13 AM


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