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27 January 2006

My First Full Week at 29

People have asked... do I feel older now that I have less than a year to go in my twenties.

The answer is yes and no.

I feel older in a sense that I feel the need to mature, perhaps stop all of the cavorting and silliness that I've indulged in over the past year. I have an overwhelming urge to be more "responsible". Watever that means. Financially... physically... who knows? One's birthday always provides a chance for taking stock... reflecting on how I've spent the past 12 months. Where am I headed? How can I better my future? Do these pants make me look fat?

On the other hand, I feel this is my last chance to live like a young guy. I mean, let's face it. In the gay world, you're dead at 30. Maybe I should just live it up... have a blast over the next 12 months... and grow up later.

The classic battle of the little angel and the little devil on each shoulder.

It's a lot to think about.

Happy Friday.


Blogger beans said...

do what is best for you, on your own terms, and in your own time.

that's the best advice i can give anyone.

12:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In the gay world, you're dead at 30."


Being "Gay" doesn't mean you have different "rules" than anyone else.

"Gay", defined by an outsider that listens all to well...
GAY: self-centered creature; different by choice; discriminates against "Straight" people; disillsional; dramatic

Ask yourself a question, Kaos...
Are YOU who you say YOU are?

Not in my eyes

2:21 PM

Anonymous Ryan said...

I use the word "Gay" sometimes when I don't like something...like..
"Aw man, you gotta work tommorow? That's gay."


"Man, that anonymous fellow is gay."

...but, that's just an example of how I use the word gay...

...and my advice is that being young isn't an excuse to be stupid and listen to the 'little devil' on your shoulder....you're still old as dirt anyways, well, to me anyways. After all, I AM just 21. Heheh.

1:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you dead at 30, please give us some insight. And P.S. I'm not the jerky anonymous, just can't post a name.

11:24 PM

Blogger Richard said...

Cavorting? Is that legal in Columbus?

As for the part everyone else is quoting -- two words: Elton John.

2:11 AM

Anonymous Brandon said...

You're right...we're dead at 30. Put out to pasture. I say party while ya can! -b mo

11:48 PM

Blogger The Great MF said...

dude, where are you?

9:00 PM

Blogger beans said...

hope your first month at 29 has been all you hoped it would be!

10:26 AM

Blogger Bill T said...

Hell, I was never the kind of playa like some people seemed to be in "the gay world," so I'm just hoping to treat turning 30... a little over two years from now ... as the next great adventure.... and hopefully I'll find somebody my age who's as cute and goodlooking and funny as me. (shrug)

(sigh) Yeah, and you've gotta hear about this bridge I can sell you too, cheap.... heeheehee... 8^)

4:33 AM


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