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02 March 2006

Yes... Cats...

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...as in more than one. Meet Franky and Molly. Franky is the white one on the left. He's 5 months old and has no tail. His father was part manx, apparently that explains why he is sans tail. Molly is his mother. She's almost two years old. Yes, she had kittens early. She's a slut.

Wow, I have two cats. I'm "that" guy.

25 February 2006

The Saturday Afternoon Post

Dear Blog Reader...

Wow... you're still here? I must say I'm surprised. Where has the time gone? A day... a week... a month... it goes by so quickly.

Now here I sit... I haven't blogged in forever... trying to figure out where to pick up things. Or should I just concede defeat to the blogging gods and let this die? I'm leaning toward the last option.

When I began this blog... I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. I just wanted a place to express my thoughts... and stay in touch with friends in other parts of the country. Recently though... as most readers are aware... my online journal has turned into a place for others to attack/"stalk"/ridicule me.

That saddens me for a couple of reasons. First... these people don't have the guts to leave a name. Second... this is a place for me to express my thoughts... and for my friends to chime in... like an online family reunion. I shouldn't have to deal with someone's childish crap on MY page. Don't like me? Start your own blog. But don't litter mine with your faceless hatred.

A nameless... faceless person... or people... have taken the joy out of something I truly love(d). For my true friends out there... I'm sorry. Maybe this page will be reinvented here... or in some other form.

I miss hearing from... and talking with all of you.

Before I go... if you've never heard of Leslie Feist or Sufjan Stephens... check them out.

For now... the windows are open... the rain is falling... and I shall play with my cats.

27 January 2006

My First Full Week at 29

People have asked... do I feel older now that I have less than a year to go in my twenties.

The answer is yes and no.

I feel older in a sense that I feel the need to mature, perhaps stop all of the cavorting and silliness that I've indulged in over the past year. I have an overwhelming urge to be more "responsible". Watever that means. Financially... physically... who knows? One's birthday always provides a chance for taking stock... reflecting on how I've spent the past 12 months. Where am I headed? How can I better my future? Do these pants make me look fat?

On the other hand, I feel this is my last chance to live like a young guy. I mean, let's face it. In the gay world, you're dead at 30. Maybe I should just live it up... have a blast over the next 12 months... and grow up later.

The classic battle of the little angel and the little devil on each shoulder.

It's a lot to think about.

Happy Friday.

15 January 2006

Time Goes By...

So, I was off Friday. Great, I thought. I can do all of that crap around the apartment that needs to be done. Did I do any of it? Hell - to - the - no. I slept for a big part of the day, ran a few errands, and sorted my closet. Progress? Yes... but not nearly the amount I should have accomplished.

I doubt this week will be any different. My birthday is Tuesday... so I'm sure time will be at a premium... with the celebratory nature of the week.

And just a note to all of my friends out there... thanks for sticking up for me during this recent "anonymous" deal. I don't blog in forever... yet you guys and gals still look out for me. That's love :)


11 January 2006


Here's the deal "anonymous". You're not welcome here. Leave me alone. Leave my friend alone. End of story.

Because It's Wednesday

I really don't have anything interesting to say at the moment... but it's been a while since I've said hello. I plan to drink tonight... so I may have more to say after a few gin and tonics. Have a safe and pleasant evening.

06 January 2006



At first I thought it was amusing...

Then I thought it was a bit strange...

Now it's pissing me off.

Say anything you want about me... I don't care.

Mess with my friends... and I get angry.

Stop it... whoever you are.

If you really are who you say you are... this is NOT the way to win me over.

If you are someone just playing a joke... it's not funny anymore.

28 December 2005

Bill Clinton All Over Again

Warning: adult subject matter

When is sex... sex?

There was a slight debate about that in my newsroom this week. There are some who believe "sex" is only the act of vaginal or anal intercourse. Others believe "oral" counts too.

Why is this important you ask? Because it all counts toward your "number". You know, the answer to the "How many people have you been with?" question. And the answer to that question can make or break you.

I personally like to break it down into two groups. (Note: the following numbers are only an example) I'd say "Well, I've been with 50 people, but I've only had sex with 20 of them."

Splitting hairs? Perhaps. But it's a debate I've heard before, so I wanted to get the take of my blog readers.

What say you?